Meet Adrianne Egan, LMT

What was your inspiration behind being a Massage Therapist?

Adrianne: The dream of becoming a massage therapist originated my senior year at Auburn when I experienced soft tissue and trigger point therapy for a tennis elbow. I had always been an athlete and knew I wanted to work in some aspect of the athletic field and with active people. It was that appointment that changed my course of study. I graduated AU in 1991 in health and human performance and moved to Atlanta where I attended The Atlanta School of Massage. I have been a licensed massage therapist for 26 years and still enjoy helping people of all ages recover faster and feel better. I like to combine different aspects of manual therapy and stretching in sessions. 

What do you like the most about working at YTC? 

Adrianne: I like the whole wellness aspect at YTC.  Kaye has done an amazing job bringing like minded people together and combing various talents of health and wellness to form one central place for whole body rejuvenation! I love that I can find so much in one place:  physical therapy, massage therapy, hair stylist for hair therapy :) and awesome retail for grabbing a great pair of leggings to essential oils to a fun necklace! YTC has it all! I love that.

What new thing, going on in your profession, interests you?

Something new I have implemented into my practice is assisted stretching. This is an incredible way to help the body become "unstuck" and increase mobility and recovery. I have personally experienced manual therapy stretching and it was an integral part in helping me avoid plantar fasciitis surgery.

My goal is help people recover faster, feel better, and to learn how to incorporate soft tissue therapy as a preventative and healing approach to fitness and life. I love teaching people new ways to take care of themselves through a non surgical approach.

I am currently working with school age athletes and helping them through injuries and getting them back to their sport. i love seeing them improve and, more importantly, learn a new way to take care of themselves.

What are your hobbies? 

Adrianne: My hobbies are fitness-oriented, including hiking, biking, weight training, tennis, dancing, swimming, and just finding fun things to keep me active. Plus, I am married and have two teenagers, 19 and 16, and we like to do fun, active things, too!

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Adrianne: My family and I are HUGE Auburn fans. We really enjoy spending time together, rooting for the Tigers! War Eagle!!

You can get in touch with Adrianne, directly, to schedule your massage therapy session. You can reach her at 205-243-9100!